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New journal?

► The announcement of the new journal!! exactly I was planning on only changing this journal's name but because I didn't secure my credit card (need to go the bank and do it and too lazy to do that) so I don't trust paying with card atm afraid of hackers. So I thought of making a new journal and it might do me good too because this journal is a mess, I used it before without any organizing which lead me to have my manipcs, graphics, fandom, fanfics and my personal posts all mixed up together so probably a new journal now for both my fandom and rarely posted personal life would be better.

I treasure this journal a lot so of course I'll keep it, maybe I'll post in the future using this journal but probably if I did it will be not so often at all and maybe even never who knows but because I joined a lot of communities in this journal I'll keep on checking my f-list so if you saw me replying to your post using this journal don't be confuse as I might forget to switch to that one XD;

I don't like having two journals at all, it's too distracting but I think it's the best :| 

► Guys you're free to add me there and I'll add back, despite the fact that that journal will be not fully friends locked but some posts that I think needed privacy will be locked that's why I set it as 50% friends locked. For new ones if we haven't spoken before at all then please comment before you add otherwise I won't added back. yay for the free two weeks paid acc trial 
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Happy (late) new year!!

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2012 will be a better year for all of us world wide who had expressed natural disasters, politic disasters, sickness, lose of dear friends/family and any type of troublesome happenings and let's hope 2012 will be a brighter year and full of awesome happenings. I'm myself very glad to still be able to live healthily and processing to go forward towards my dreams.

► Yesterday it was very awesome and great day, had extremely fun with fireworks and going downtown and to make it more awesome yesterday it was clear sky without any tiny clouds! Cold I must admit about -8 but very refreshing new year's weather . It was a lot of fun and I'm positively hoping this year will be just as awesome as how it begun :) ♥ I hope you had a great new year yourself as well.


I just finished cleaning my friends list from those that I either doesn't have any slight idea who they're or those that I know but we don't talk to each other at all. Tho anyone who had been cut and want to befriend me again just drop a comment and I'll add you. Silent adders and silent friends doesn't work for me longer. And to those who commented and still got cut it's probably my mistake so please tell me if it's so to fix it!! 

I thought cleaning the list will take a while but exactly it wasn't that hard! Now it went down from 568 to 170!!! I feel good for some weird reason :3

So if you cannot view this post you have probably been cut.
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Friends cut

Exactly I wanted to make a new livejournal account and just adding the people I want to because this journal is just a big mess! Having a 568 friends for nothing is something that feels like a burden and just ... uncomfortable. I don't even speak to like 560 of you! So why even having you if we don't communicate or talk?

So for this time I'm doing it seriously and with no delay, anyone who's willing to stay and exactly comment and communicate either with me here or twitter they're welcomed to comment and I'll keep them but if you're not willing for that then please don't bother commenting. I'm here to post personal post, to exactly communicate with you guys not only having you filling the numbers there. It's just pissing me off.

I'll start cleaning the list as soon as I finish with my exam which will be on wednesday.  
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party and party and yeah! fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weeeeekend.

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Yesterday surprisingly the weather was very nice if we're going to compare it to before yesterday's weather's and today's as well. Not to mention it's almost the middle of Sep and autumn is on the doors already :| I'm so not looking forward to the annoyingly long winter. And to make it more awesome yesterday was the Culture festival day here in Uppsala which means in the middle of the city there is a lot of people who are doing activities representing their culture and country. It's pretty fun and the people were like bees outside! which is something not so usually when it come to Uppsala.


Just go with the flow, how far you're willing to go?

I know I have been way too inactive lately on LJ, to tell you the truth I have nothing to talk about in here these days .___. twitter is probably the one to blame as I babble about everything there. But I found this meme which I stole from marlenem and liked the idea of it! I have no idea if you guys even gonna participate but I'll give it a try anwyay :)

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favorite type of underwear, life experiences, etc. etc


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This is by far the simplest and the most turthful little quote! and it's hella true >:D the hell I'll let any bitch bring me down.

Jin knows how to express it perfectly